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Leading ERP and POS solutions to support businesses and industries to make the right decisions at the right time while providing current and relevant data to users.
Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) System
Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) System
Our ERP supports the integration of various back-office and front-office functions to streamline business operations for greater efficiency and automation and enable faster decision making.
Retail Point-of-Sale (POS)
Retail Point-of-Sale (POS)
Our POS is designed to integrate with any ERP system enabling the automation of inventory management and faster turnaround times.

About Us

IBB’s ERP and POS solutions are created to satisfy the operating needs of small and medium-sized businesses with their distinct challenges. By using the IBB ERP and POS systems, businesses are assured of an integrated approach to managing their operations. In fact, the IBB ERP is renowned as one of the few ERP solutions facilitating multi-site retail, wholesale, and online activities. IBB products are designed and customized so that business owners and managers can seamlessly handle all B2B/B2C sales efforts for a cohesive result.

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Why Choose IBB-ERP?

Efficiency & Automation
Complete End-to-End Solution
Unified Integration of Systems

Increased Efficiencies and Effectiveness

Our ERP system was created to the specifications of a wholesale and distribution operator. Having been tried and tested over the years, the IBB-ERP has been tested and tweaked to remove redundancies and enhance the process efficacies resulting in cumulatively multiplying business growth.

Automation of Routine Tasks

Implementing the principles of automation has supported IBB products to automate routine tasks and do away with obsolete practices. Thus, requiring minimal human intervention while freeing up valuable employee time for greater focus on value-creating activities.

Complete Business View

The IBB-ERP has been built as an end-to-end solution to provide a comprehensive view of the business for efficient and more accurate decision-making and response times. Real-time data analysis and the reporting function are key to giving users insight as and when needed.

Faster Customer Turnaround

Using the IBB ERP or POS systems enables faster turnaround from initial order to delivery, reducing lead times, and enabling swifter customer response and service.

Sales Data at Your Fingertips

The IBB ERP system generates a range of sales reports that allow you to compare projected and actual sales, regional sales, seasonal sales, etc., and support the creation of marketing activities and promotional campaigns.

Sustained Business Growth

Our ERP and POS system is developed to bring unity to your business operations by integrating different platforms to operate cohesively as one unified system to bring about sustainable business benefits leading to business growth.

Website Integration

The IBB POS system supports both in-store and online sales, integrating all information within one system.

Industries We Serve

Our cloud-based ERP System and POS have streamlined the purchasing and sales process for businesses operating within different industries.
Process efficiencies to minimize costs of operations.
Superior inventory and warehouse management modules to guarantee augmented process effectiveness when using the IBB ERP system.
No need to remember anything, comprehensive information is available at a click of a button!
Order Tracking to ensure on-time pick-up and delivery.
The picker, delivery, and driver modules assure IBB ERP system users, a minimal error order fulfillment process.
Never worry about customer satisfaction with IBB ERP systems!
Real-time insight anywhere, anytime.
A user-friendly ERP system providing a 360o view of the entire value chain from order placement to final sale to consumers.
Never worry about a stock-out situation, especially during peak sales periods!

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