IBB’s enterprise resource planning (ERP) system is an ideal solution to support distributors of various goods to increase the efficacy of business operations by gaining higher levels of real-time insight into business processes. Utilizing an ERP system with various modules as that offered by IBB will allow distributors to better manage business processes, automate routine and non-value-adding tasks, and reduce errors that regularly occur in manual systems.

Small and medium-sized distributors will especially benefit from IBB’s ERP system as it is easy to implement and operate and offers a range of modules including warehouse management, picker management, and driver/delivery management. Our ERP planning software is also scalable, meaning that you can use the same system with relevant upgrades as your distribution business grows.

Ready to put IBB-ERP to work for your distribution business?

IBB-ERP offers a modern cloud-based solution to support the integration of business functions and accurate decision-making to accelerate your business growth.

Benefits of ERP to Distributors

The IBB-ERP system will benefit distributors and their business operations as follows.

  • Faster Invoicing – Using the IBB ERP system will enable faster invoicing to customers as all orders and customer information would be captured in one system without delay.
  • Enhanced Efficiency – When manual processes are automated using an ERP system, the probability of human errors reduces and resultantly increases operational efficiencies.
  • Superior Customer Satisfaction Levels – Using an ERP system reduces errors and time taken from order placement to delivery. This will result in improving customer satisfaction and support long-term relationship building. In addition, improved customer service levels by providing faster and more accurate responses to customer inquiries and orders will be possible as IBB ERP’s cloud-based system will give real-time accurate information from anywhere.
  • Cost Savings – The IBB ERP system will support overall cost efficiencies and cost saving for distributors.
  • Increased Productivity – An ERP system will enable distributors to increase productivity by reducing human errors and eliminating non-value-adding functions.
  • Improved Decision-Making – The collection of data in one place and the report generation module of the IBB-ERP system contribute to better decision-making for distributors with access to accurate and up-to-date information in easy-to-understand templates.
  • Better Scalability – Our ERP solution is designed to be scalable and will support a distributor’s business growth and expansion without worries about adapting to new systems.