IBB ERP is your one-platform solution for seamlessly integrating all your business processes to bring in higher levels of efficiencies that support business growth in challenging operating environments.

IBB’s enterprise resource planning (ERP) system is developed through extensive research by those working in different industries and bringing together their needs and wants to create a superior ERP system that supports and automates various business functions of organizations operating in diverse industries.

Tried and tested by companies in the tobacco and retail sectors, IBB’s ERP system has proven to be the ideal solution when operating within challenging business environments.

Key Features

IBB ERP system is developed to ensure interoperability and seamless integration of all data from end-to-end
Inventory Management
Inventory Management
Large inventories can sometimes be the bane of a manufacturer’s operations. The IBB ERP inventory management module will support organizations to efficiently manage inventories and place orders on time.
Warehouse Management System
Warehouse Management System
Managing a large warehouse space with various products requiring distinct storage requirements can be a hassle. The IBB ERP warehouse management system is designed to allocate space as per product requirements and reduce lead times when dispatching to customers.
Order Management
Order Management
The IBB ERP system’s order management feature automates product purchases and the generation of purchase orders and invoices, thereby eliminating non-value-adding tedious processes so that employees can focus on business-critical functionalities.
Point-of-Sale (POS)
Point-of-Sale (POS)
The IBB ERP POS is an ideal tool for handling sales to end consumers. It links with other relevant ERP modules to support workflows and manage inventories while automating the addition of sales taxes relevant to different States.
Picker Management
Picker Management
The IBB ERP system’s picker management tool will support the fulfillment of large and small orders. The picker management tool is created to pick single orders, batch orders, or multi-batch orders depending on business needs.
Driver/Delivery Management
Driver/Delivery Management
There is no need to worry about deliveries reaching the wrong customer. With IBB ERP both the organization and the customer can keep easy track of the delivery schedule.
DSD Management
Direct-Store-Delivery Management
Have a large sales team? Need to keep a track of them? IBB ERP’s door-to-door sales management module supports a range of functionalities to organize the salesforce for optimal results.
Customer Relationship Management
Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
CRM is the backbone of any organization’s sustainable success. IBB’s CRM tool will support all organizational relationships and interactions with customers and potential customers, enabling companies to store a range of customer data while generating customer-centric information at the click of a button.
Report Generation
Report Generation
IBB ERP is pre-designed to generate critical reports for decision-making thereby eliminating report creation from scratch. The ERP is also enabled to create customized reports to suit specific business needs in very easy-to-use steps.

Business Benefits

IBB ERP Cloud Solution supports small and mid-sized businesses operating across any industry to grow and prosper
  • Supports strategic decision-making for exponential business growth
  • Automation at high levels
  • More accurate and effective business reporting
  • Increased data and cloud security accompanied by superior technology
  • Faster-paced business activities resulting in reduced lead times from initial order to final delivery
  • Superior efficacy across business operations
  • Reduced business costs
  • Enhanced supply chain management
  • Elimination of non-value-adding business processes
  • Higher customer service levels
  • Better management of cash flows
  • Automated upgrades and updates to ERP software

Ready to put IBB-ERP to work for your business?

IBB-ERP modern cloud solution can make your life easier and accelerate your business growth.