Custom Development

We recognize that every organization is different. This means that sometimes, a one-size fits all ERP solution may not be the most ideal solution for automating business processes. This is especially true for small and medium-sized businesses operating in diverse industries.

While IBB-ERP has researched and invested heavily in ensuring our cloud ERP solution accommodates different industry and business needs while offering automation for all critical business functions, we are still open to customizing our ERP solution so that our customers get the best solution possible to fulfill their organizational needs.

Some areas that often require tailored software tweaks include the addition of custom reports in our report generation module and added features within the inventory management and CRM modules.

Process for Custom Developments

IBB follows a stringent process for custom developments to ensure the quality and effectiveness of any tailored additions to our ERP system. We work collaboratively with our customers to:
  • Gather the necessary information in terms of identifying specific and unique needs.
  • Our team then designs and develops the special report or added features and functionalities required by our customers.
  • We then integrate the custom-developed software into our existing ERP solution.
  • Thereafter, vigorous testing is done for debugging and to ensure the functions meet customer-specified requirements.
  • Quality assurance checks and tests are also conducted.
Only once the above steps are completed and both parties are satisfied with the result, will we proceed with implementing the ERP system.
Our experts will support our customers to identify your needs and execute them within our ERP system on a need basis. There will be added charges and we will also require extra time for additional developments.

Put IBB-ERP to work for your business as per your needs!

We will customize our cloud-based ERP solution to satisfy all your business operational needs.