Data Management

IBB-ERP offers data management services to collect, collate, cleanse, and transfer all data from your various business systems to our cloud-based ERP solution.

As everyone knows, data management is critical in ensuring any automation system works at its best! With this belief, we offer a comprehensive data management service to support our customers to migrate large amounts of data into our ERP solution.

To effectively manage their data, we offer the following data management services to our customers.

Data Management Service by IBB-ERP

  • Data integration – As data may have to be retrieved from multiple sources, such as different departments or external systems, IBB-ERP supports our clients to consolidate data from various sources and ensure that this data is accurate and up to date.
  • Data migration – Data must be transferred from the existing systems, manual or automated. Our data migration services will help ensure a smooth transition and prevent data loss or corruption.
  • Data backup and recovery – To prevent data loss or corruption in the event of a disaster, security breach, cyber security attack, or system failure, we provide data backup and recovery services. We regularly back up customer data which can be quickly recovered and restored if the need ever arises.
  • Data cleansing – Data or information can sometimes have errors or be outdated. Our experts with review all the collected data and help to identify and correct these errors or inconsistencies such as duplicate entries or incomplete information so that the data included in your ERP is accurate and reliable.
  • Data warehousing – Our cloud ERP solution has a dedicated area to store and manage large volumes of data in a centralized location. This makes it easier to access and analyze data and retrieve data for generating reports.

IBB-ERP offers comprehensive data management services!

Our customers can be assured of uninterrupted business operations while using our ERP system.