IBB’s enterprise resource planning (ERP) software is a useful automation tool for retailers – whether operating a traditional brick and mortar business or an e-commerce platform. Our ERP will automate their entire value chain processes for greater efficiency, increased profitability, and a better customer experience.

ERP components such as point of sale (POS) system, inventory management, and customer relationship management module will be useful for managing inventory levels, tracking sales data, and processing customer orders leading to faster business insights and business expansion possibilities.

IBBERP’s customer relationship management (CRM) module is specifically a boon for retailers for whom the customer is King! This CRM tool will strengthen the business relationship with customers by making customer communications impactful through the collection of customer-specific data   and the generation of customized reports. Additionally, the CRM module together with the report generation module will give insightful information for targeted marketing initiatives using either traditional advertising channels or social media platforms.

Overall, the IBB-ERP system will help retailers streamline their operations, make better-informed decisions, and improve customer service, which will ultimately result in business growth.

Ready to put IBB-ERP to work for your retail business?

IBB-ERP offers a modern cloud-based solution to support accurate decision-making for customer retention and accelerated business growth.

Benefits of ERP to Retailers

Retailers can benefit many-fold by investing in IBB’s ERP and POS systems.
  • Customer Relationship Management – Our ERP can help retailers to manage customer data such as personal information and purchase history, which can be used to personalize customer service, special offers, and other marketing efforts.
  • Order Processing – For retailers operating an e-commerce business, our ERP system will automate the customer ordering process, including invoicing, shipping, and tracking delivery. This will ensure customers receive a superior service and make order processing hassle-free for the retailer.
  • Better Decision Making – With the IBB-ERP solution, small and medium-sized retailers can make faster and more accurate decisions with the use of real-time data and analytics on their sales, inventory, and customers.
  • Cost Savings – Our ERP will also help retailers to reduce operational costs by streamlining processes, reducing errors, and enabling increased productivity with the support of minimal staff.
  • Inventory Management – The IBB-ERP system will track inventory levels in real-time, so that retailers can quickly identify when and what stocks are running low to make reorders on-time to avoid stockouts and lost sales.
  • Sales Data – Our POS system which is integrated within our ERP will enable retailers to collect and track sales data. Thus, retailers will have insight which products are fast moving, and which are not selling well. This will help retailers make better decisions about which products to stock and how to price them as well as ideas on new inventory to order.
  • Increased Visibility of Business Operations – Choosing the IBB-ERP system will give retailers a single, centralized view of all their operations enabling faster paced business growth. Also, IBB’s one-platform cloud ERP solution will help small and mid-sized retailers to remain relevant in today’s fast-changing consumer trends and challenging operating environments.