IBB’s enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution can support wholesalers to improve efficiency and effectiveness, reduce order preparation time, ensure greater accuracy, and gain better visibility into their business operations.

Our ERP system has several modules specifically designed to manage operations across the business value chain including inventory management, order management, warehouse management, picker management, and driver/delivery management.

IBB’s ERP system has a report-generation tool that will support customized report formats that will enable real-time decision-making for the benefit of the wholesaler and their customers.

Ready to put IBB-ERP to work for your wholesale business?

IBB-ERP offers a modern cloud solution that can support accurate decision-making and accelerate your business growth.

Benefits of ERP to Wholesalers

The IBB-ERP system will benefit wholesalers and their business operations through:

  • Efficiency Improvements – Our ERP solution will support the automation of many business processes including, inventory management, order processing and sales, and delivery management, minimizing errors and improving efficiency.
  • Improved Inventory Management – Wholesalers opting to invest in an ERP system such as that offered by IBB, can have greater control over their inventory through better management of inventory levels. Additionally, by close tracking of inventory movements, understanding high-demand items and implementing just-in-time mechanisms for reordering items become more streamlined.
  • Improved Customer Service – Our customer relationship management model will support wholesalers running lean costs effective organizations to better manage customer relationships by providing tools for tracking customer interactions and managing customer data.
  • Cost Savings – By deploying an ERP system, wholesalers will streamline business processes and operations, reducing mistakes and errors resulting in minimal order returns. Together with the other efficiencies derives from the various modules of our ERP systems, wholesalers will record higher efficiencies and cost savings resulting in increased profitability over time.
  • Better Visibility into the Business – IBB’s ERP system will deliver real-time data capture and reporting capabilities. As such, wholesalers can gain a better understanding of their business operations and customer needs to make more informed decisions.
  • Increased Scalability – IBB-ERP has a proven track record in helping wholesalers scale their operations as their businesses grow and volumes increase.
  • Improved Logistics and Supply Chain Management – Managing the logistics of where goods are at any given time is a complex and exhausting but very critical task for wholesalers. Our ERP system can help wholesalers manage logistics and supply chain processes through our customer-developed modules allowing real-time tracking of orders, review of supplier performance, scheduling production and delivery, monitoring delivery times, and tracing drivers and delivery routes.