Month: November 2022

The Tobacco POS Buyers’ Guide

No matter where you are in your purchasing journey, it doesn’t hurt to have some advice along the way. If you’re in search of a point of sale (POS) system for your tobacco store, you’re in luck!

Whether POS Nation is the best choice for your small business or not, our team has put together a buyers’ guide to help you make important decisions about your point of sale solution.

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Cloud-Based ERP and Tobacco Industry

Tobacco businesses have hundreds of systems on the process map, but ones that are using legacy systems can find that up to 80% of those systems aren’t integrated and can’t communicate with each other. Why does that matter? Well, consider the common situation in which your business databases hold all your customer information and your product data resides in your ERP system. If those two data silos can’t talk to each other, the fundamental act of fulfilling a customer order becomes an extra process requiring added, and otherwise unnecessary, steps.

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Circular Economy & ERP

Since the 1990s, one of the themes has been the issue of recycling, and out of the awareness generated by that has emerged the concept of “the circular economy”. The core message of the circular economy is ‘take, make, reuse’, which is in contrast to the traditional (linear) approach of ‘take, make, dispose’

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SaaS ERP vs Traditional ERP

If you’re running a small- to midsize business (SMB) in today’s marketplace, you probably know what ERP solutions are, but you may think they’re too big, expensive, or inflexible for your needs. They’re not.

ERP is short for “enterprise resource planning,” but ERP solutions aren’t just for enterprise-sized businesses. Businesses of any size, in any industry, can implement ERP solutions to increase efficiency and profitability.

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